Mr. Pramod
Mr. Satyendra
Mr. Sahil
Mr. Pramod
Mr. Satyendra
Mr. Sahil

Top Achivers :

To enhance the lives
            of those we touch
by helping people
            reach their goals.

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Health Crisis in the World :

F Worldwide  every 10 seconds, a cancer fatality.
F 1 out of 5 people will die of cancer in the world.
F 140 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes.
F 91 people die of cardiac problems every hour.
F 1/3rd of the deaths would  be due to Heart Problems, by 2015
F Over 400 million people worldwide live with crippling, chronic pain of joint diseases, osteoporosis, and spine disorders.
F One billion people lack access to health care systems.36 million deaths each year are caused by non communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung diseases.
    World Health Organization Reports

The World Health Organization (WHO): published a study in 1987 stating that the magnetic strengths typically used in magnetic therapy do not have any detrimental effect on the human body.
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