Dr. Sarita Krishnakumar Mishra, is a MLM business women and Motivational trainer. presently she run her MLM company , worldwide as a MD of Economical Life Freedom since 2013. Born to a North Indian Hindu family in varanasi ,Uttar Pradesh. She start helped to her father family business at the age of 12 yrs with printing press work in Mumbai. from childhood she always things to do something different for country. She started abroad journey to spreading health awareness with support of yoga. At the age of 21 she started center to provide good health and  employment with her NGO 'LRS Mandal and ISC YOGA in Mumbai & Abroad. she always compare between abroad & indian financial issue & lifestyle. she think about how to create employment for women and youth those facing financial problems. when she aware about mlm industry is one of the big opportunity to provide employment and financial freedom life to our youth and women ,she take a high jump in the this industry. now she run 8 countries as a director with one branding name of ELF. 

she is real devote person in mlm industry. she is a real inspiration for women's in world those faced lots of social bonding and build the carrier on the top.

she achieved many social award and one of the top "Awards ADARSH MAHILA AWARD, by (Legal Right Council – Govt of India,New Delhi, 2018 )" and 

International Business Women Award (by Dubai & Mauritius).