" Successful people are always looking for Opportunities" Success is not just......

Everyone have a opportunity but many time we are unable to see that opportunity. Success is not just hard work, infect your social opportunity could shape your future.

at the age of 16 I started work to sell door to door video castes in Mumbai. than work as a  welder at thane. but I am not happy with my job as i wanted to change my life and society  at that time finally i found path of elf.

Working with elf my life completely changes. as per my view ELF is a social helping business because from my work my team members is also able to earn money and fulfill there all dreams 

No need to high professional education just support and promote your team and you will get unbelievable income.

I am glad to tell you my family leaving a Royal life in Mumbai, also i am capable to make my son to get higher education in any filed.

Friends , if you help others god always help you. therefor spread your network with ELF.

you achieves your all dreams and make your self as a ENTREPRENEUR..