" If you want to reach ………… think big think differently".

very less people achieves there goal because they think and act differently. your goal and action depend on your real thinking. 

I am not born in rich family but today my family count in rich category. I started my life by distributing news paper, singing bhujan & driving auto Riksha in Mumbai.

My turning point of life comes when I join ELF.

Rich attitude, Life Style, people Communication , fame & name everything I got from ELF. I achieves all name titles and many award and rewards like car, Foreign tour, Gold, Family Tour, Cash Awards from elf. 

Friends this all possible only by think differently !!!.

According to my view no matter what obstacles you face, no matter what problem stand your way, you just find way to win.

always remember nothing is impossible if you willing to put at enough time and efforts.