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Water alone is not good enough to wash away hidden impurities present in vegetable & fruits. Ervas Vegetables and Fruit wash does not have any chlorine, detergent, soap, perfume, preservatives, alcohol and artificial colour. It helps in retaining the goodness of vegetables and fruits. It effectively removes 99% bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetable.  Use it daily to wash vegetables and fruits before consuming them and avoid unwanted diseases caused by surface contaminants.

Benefits :

 Removes: Pesticides , Germs & Bacteria , Dust & Dirt , Chemicals , Wax & Preservatives  

Main Features:

  • No harmful chemicals. 
  • Scientifically tested. 
  • Helps in retaining the goodness of vegetables and fruits. 
  • Safest vegetable and fruit cleaning solution. 
  • No preservatives, no detergent, no soap, no chlorine, no perfume, no alcohol. 
  • 100% food grade. 100% human safe. 
  • Gentle on hands, safe and convenient to use on a daily basis.