My father was in the army, due to which I had a feeling of patriotism since childhood.

Seeing that I like to study, my father also inspired me to become a great officer in the army. But society's attitude towards women(socialization) changed my father's views. They started thinking what would they get from teaching a girl? After passing tenth class, I got married and moved to Mumbai.

Inside the house, my children and husband were my world. I did not like to go or meet anyone because of my father's restrictions. That was my nature.

But there was often a voice from the corner of my heart that I should do something, then I started social service, but after some time there came a time in which I lost everything, I had to sell my car home, the situation was like this It was difficult to eat twice as bad.

No matter how good the situation is, one should never depend on it?

At the same time, one day Anita came to my house and told me about the ELF. There was a money problem, but there was no other way out of this economic problem. ELF work I felt like serving the society, doing this work will also bring money in the house, thinking that I took a little money as loan at 10% interest and started work.

It was not as easy as I thought,Mrs.  Anita support, Mr. Akhilesh  guidance and the company's training model pushed me forward. Working hard, has reached the Pearl  level in Elf.

It is this ELF who has shown me the way to enhance my inner talent. Today, while improving my economic status, I am able to give employment opportunities to many other women. Now ELF is my family.

From this ELF, I will buy 2 BHK flats and buy my own car very soon.

I have learned to live life with this ELF. I cannot bring back my previous days, but in the days to come, I will live life openly and achiever my every dream come true.

Thanks to all my friends , my senior and elf management !!!