I was from a middle class family. My family was going through a financial problem due to which I had to stop my education. Being in North Indian culture, my marriage was made early. My husband's financial situation was not so strong. Therefore, I began to worry about my children's education because it was not possible for them to have a qualified education. Being a North Indian culture. We were not allowed out of the house.

I also realized how painful it is to not have proper education, but I was worried about my family, so I decided to break the rules of the old society and started looking for work for the family. I got a job of 6000 rupees per month. As the company had a strong policy, if someone is taking leave, their payment will be cut. After a few days I realized that all these things are not meeting our daily needs with my earnings. The question of how to get the education of my children still existed but I wanted to end all these things.

In the meantime i got a chance to meet Mr. Akhilesh Prajapati, who told me about the company products and its income plan.

After looking at the plan, I felt like I was looking for a similar business. At the same time, I made up my mind that I will definitely do this work.

But now the problem before me was that how should I deposit the amount of 4500 out of 6000 salary.

But the way was visible with the words of Mr. Akhilesh. My children's education, own house, getting rid of financial constraints, all of this can happen. All that was needed was to carry out the work and proceed as per the guidance of the company.

Then I enlisted the help of some of my acquaintances and started a business, the only desire in my heart was for the children to have a good education and a home of their own.

Due to being new in business, many difficulties also came, at times it felt as if I got into some wrong business.

But each time the training model of Mr. Akhilesh and the company kept inspiring me. Today that same inspiration changed my life.

As I got guidance, I moved forward ... The financial condition of my home started improving, the education of the children started in school and I also bought a 2 wheeler bike.

Today, in my team, when I reached the Pearl level in Elf, I did not even know.

Now my only goal this year is that I will buy my own 2BHK flats and create pearls like mine in my team

Thank you all for bringing change in my life…