I am from a middle class family. I was very interested in studies and wanted to study a lot, but as soon as my class XII result was declare , my father lost his job, due to which I did not get a chance to study further. I started working so that my family could get financial help. I was married when I was eighteen. Due to the financial condition of the husband's family also, I started a tuition class for children at home. Due to joint family, expenses were high, hence looking for other opportunities to increase income. 

Then one day Mrs. Urmila took me with her to a plan. I also left with the intention of walking. Where the plan was shown, the person immediately took the product and also agreed to do the work. After a few days I also saw the Cheque of Mrs. Urmila income, then I felt that if Urmila ji can do this work, then I can definitely do it. I immediately arranged for the money and joined the ELF. 

It was the best day of my life, the day I got my name registered in ELF. My financial situation started changing from there. I first enrolled my children name in a good school.

Then slowly bought the essentials of the house and today with the money earned from the same elf, I bought my new house and bought my 2 wheeler motor bike . I did not even know when I reached the gold level while working in ELF.

My one specialty is that I have never given up in any environment. My team today is over 4000. Although my team is a tortoise, it never stops, it moves in every plow. I am proud of my team. Loves working for your team.

Now my goal is a debt free life and my 4 wheels car will definitely meet its target this year.

Thank you Mr Akhilesh JI , Mrs Urmila ji , all ELF management and my team for this lovely achievement.