Bio invisible natural strong bio energy frequency force & worlds highly advance extreme super strong self healing Ervas bio magnetic mattress & pillow pad, improves & enhance your top to bottom smooth blood circulation & oxygen level naturally & supply transport proper proportion Blood Oxygen each & every 78 Important organ part blood cells.





Reason 90% Causes of Disease Due To Lack Of Blood Circulation & Oxygen Level....

Are you suffering from Sleeping Problems? Or Being Insomniac? Don’t be worried about it. A lot is riding on the mattress that you are using at night when it comes to the quality of your sleep.


Neodymium magnets is rare-earth magnet which can we say king of bio magnets for human health.

Our magnet is purely human friendly.

This magnet especially found in asian country  in earth under 600 feet down and the main manufacture country is Germany, Japan, China Europe etc.

Ervas Magnetic Mattress is 100% safe natural & nontoxic as well as most eco-friendly hygienic with zero any side effect. 

This magnet use for making many medical devices in global technology.

Advantage :

today advanced modern medical science 100% scientifically & very clearly prove 300 + multiple diseases disorder dysfunction & body pain develop in human body because of only one reason due to lack of poor blood circulation & poor oxygen level.

scientifically proven doctor recommended worlds ex-trim strong high intensity natural nano technology super power rare earth highly polorised south pole north pole bio magnets help to supports improve enhance human body blood circulation & oxygen level & quickly.

Benefits of Ervas Magnetic Mattress Description :

its works very effectively from top to bottom and purify total blood in your body.

help for improved blood circulation and capillary circulation and helps to control multiple blood vessels blockage tendency.

It will give you total relief from body pain top to bottom and give you better and deep sleep.  

Its prevents from hereditary genetic family history Diseases. If one is suffering from cholesterol, high BP or diabetes then this mattress will help you to feel relief from such pain. 

This Product is Pain relief especially from back pain, knee pain, headaches, and migraines.

increase oxygen level and purify Blood and correct circulation related diseases and disorder.

discharge carbon dioxide very strongly by roots eliminates.

reverse prevent control all major multiple diseases disorders & imbalance.

This Magnetic Product is Pain relief.


Ervas Bio Magnet Mattress & Pillow Pad
*3/6 fit* with pillow pad.
PV(1),MRP 6000/-
*3/6 fit* with pillow pad.
PV(1),MRP 8000/-

Total Magnet 80+20=100

*5.5/6 fit* with 2 Pillow pad
PV(2),MRP 11000/-
*5.5/6 fit* with pillow.
PV(3),MRP 12000/-

Total Magnet 110+40=150

please note : product price will change as per country.